Did you just get asked to assist on an "Off-Broadway Show"? Here's what to do next!


Check if you're Covered

First of all, check with your designer to confirm that your show is indeed an Off-Broadway League show, and therefore covered by the Off-Broadway League/USA 829 CBA

If it is an Off-Broadway League show, refer to this flowchart to see what your coverage options are. 


Decide on a Rate

Talk to your designer to decide on an hourly rate that will cap your hours. OBADAG suggests no less than $25/hr. OBADAG suggests filling out this hours and pay calculator with your designer to look at estimated number of hours.

MC Program

If you are not a member of USA 829, decide if you want to join the MC Program. OBADAG strongly suggests you join this program - it is free and helps you work towards healthcare and union membership! Look here for more information on this program.


Connect with the Theatre

At this point, the designer should have informed the theatre of intent to hire you. The theatre should send you a cover sheet with all the relevant information, schedule, etc. Ensure that the information is correct, including the checkbox for if you are in the MC program.


Submit Rider

Before signing the cover sheet, send your rider (you can find our suggested language here) to the theatre. Please note - the language in the rider is a negotiation between you and the theatre. The only thing that is required in the rider is clarifying your hourly rate of pay. 

Sign Coversheet

After you and the theatre (and designer if necessary) have come to agreement on terms of the rider, sign your cover sheet and submit to the theatre. 


Start Work!

After both you and the theatre have signed the cover sheet and rider, you can begin working!